Whisky and chocolate

Sylvia Simm | 13. March 2024

How about a little sweet treat to go with your whisky? Whisky and chocolate are on everyone's lips. Which chocolate goes best with Whisky?

Chocolate can be mild or strong, and just as the alcohol content is specified for Whisky, there are chocolates with different cocoa contents.

This is not about chocolate that is flavoured or filled with Whisky, but about chocolate that goes well with Whisky.

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Chocolate from around the world

Chocolate first found its way from Mexico to Europe as a drink in the 16th century. The first milk chocolate is said to have been produced in Germany in 1839, but it was still a far cry from the flavour of today's chocolate. For a long time, chocolate was sold in pharmacies as a medicine and tonic. Today it is affordable for everyone. There is an almost unmanageable variety in the supermarkets.

The cocoa tree grows under special climatic conditions in the so-called cocoa belt around the world and is very demanding. Rainforests north and south of the equator are ideal for cultivation. Typical cocoa-growing countries in Africa are the Ivory Coast and Ghana. In South America, Ecuador is the country with the most cocoa cultivation. But Indonesia is also one of them.

Our chocolate recommendation

Food pairing is when foods from different areas of enjoyment are combined with each other. You can enjoy chocolate with Whisky, but also before and after. Experiment to see what you like!

We have opted for a single product containing a selection of different chocolates. The chocolates start at 34% cocoa and go up to 85% cocoa. They come from South and Central America, the Caribbean, Africa and Indonesia.

Video by Horst Lüning on the subject of Whisky and chocolate from 2013

More about chocolate

Are you a chocolate lover and interested in everything to do with your favourite sweet treat? There is a chocolate museum in Cologne and the Rausch chocolate house in Berlin with an exhibition of chocolate monuments.


Pure enjoyment or double the pleasure! Try it for yourself. By the way: Horst Lüning doesn't enjoy his Whisky together with his chocolate, but one after the other.

A selection of foods

Angostura Bitter (B-goods)
Angostura Bitter (B-goods)
0,2/ l · incl.  VAT
Fee Brothers Fee Foam
Fee Brothers Fee Foam
0,15/ l · incl.  VAT
Fee Brothers Fee Foam (B-Ware)
Fee Brothers Fee Foam (B-Ware)
0,15/ l · incl.  VAT
Gold doubloons in wooden box
Gold doubloons in wooden box
· incl.  VAT
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