Things to know - Around the bottle

1000 questions! Here are the answers!

The pleasure can be increased even more! Pour yourself a drum and listen to music - or listen to music and enjoy a whisky!

Learn about Scotland by whisky geography. The different regions represent different whisky flavours.

Approximately 2500 members of the Keepers of the Quaich have been promoting Scotch whisky since 1988. In 2016, Horst Lüning was honoured to become a member.

This is about the small letter 'e'! Why do you write both whisky and whiskey? We reveal the secret!

If you know how to read the label on the whisky bottle, you are already a lot closer to your whisky. We'll let you in on the reading!

Just a few years ago, the quality of a whisky was strongly indicated by its age, which could be clearly read on the label. In the meantime, more and more distilleries are putting whiskies on the market without age, the so-called 'No Age Statements' (NAS). What is the reason for this?

The darker the whisky - the better! Is that always true? Where does the colour of the whisky come from? We'll tell you about the influence of the cask.

And even more facts! The knowledge about whisky is almost inexhaustible. If you want to know even more about your favourite spirit, you've come to the right place.

Awareness of food and its ingredients is the focus for more and more people. So what's in whisky and does it conform to our outlook on life?

The wonderful sounding and sometimes difficult to pronounce whisky names are Gaelic and come from the Celts.

Does it make sense to bottle whisky in small bottles and take it with you? Does the taste suffer? And what else should I bear in mind?

"A girl and a glass of wine, they alleviate all distress, and whoever does not kiss and whoever does not drink, is long dead!" J.W. Goethe.

A blend of a special kind? The Living Cask is made up of the remains of the whiskies tasted by Horst Lüning.