Scientific Facts about Whisky has taken a scientific look at the subject of whisky in a few statistical experiments.

The idea was to try to find out whether chill-filtered Whisky and non-chill-filtered Whisky can be 'tasted'.

We have our own Whisky cask!

The barrel in which our Whisky matures is made of American white oak and is medium toasted. It was made especially for us by Wilhelm Eder GmbH and holds 225 litres. The wood comes from the US state of Missouri and was additionally air-dried for 24 months when cut open before being processed in Germany. The raw spirit was distilled at the Franconian St. Kilian distillery and bottled in our barrel on 25.09.2017. It is a non-smoky Single Malt raw spirit that came into the cask with 69% alcohol content.