Whisky advertising

Advertising appeals to consumers' emotions! We want to feel good when we buy a product! In the case of whisky advertising, the whisky should suit us and our surroundings.

Johnnie Walker has succeeded in creating the whisky advert par excellence:

The day goes, Johnnie Walter comes!

Now reduced to a simple "Keep Walking", it says a lot about the feelings of today's generation. It shows the stresses and strains of everyday life, but also the opportunities and optimism.

Scotch whisky is the world's leading brand.

Whisky advertising emphasises the uniqueness and quality of the brand in question. Today, whisky advertising tries to strike a balance between dignified tradition and hip young people enjoying their favourite whisky. The question is: what does the modern working man crave in his well-earned leisure time?

We shed light on a few distilleries and their marketing for you:

The whisky industry is facing the challenge of reorienting itself and finding the balance between traditional whisky enjoyment and a modern party feel. Glenfiddich and Johnnie Walker have run advertising campaigns aimed at the modern, busy person who devotes their free time to enjoying whisky. However, Johnnie Walker's more recent international campaigns have eschewed traditional Scottish elements and instead focussed on modern, working people, with Johnnie Walker's modern advertising slogan now being: Less Talking - Keep Walking! The picture shows a woman casually holding a whisky glass.

Jack Daniel's has successfully combined relaxation and a party feel, while Jim Beam has focussed on a pithy slogan rather than portraying people. The malt whisky market has evolved towards quality and the discovery of new varieties, with loyalty to a single brand becoming less important.

Bowmore is a striking example of a distillery that sets itself apart from its competitors with a different style. Its advertising campaign featuring mermaids and its mysterious product packaging have given the brand a unique image. Over the years, the distillery has always had a slightly different style to its more classic-looking competitors. This made it stand out. Whether this has always been positive remains to be seen. Printed metal tins with atmospheric scenes and ceramic bottles with Japanese motifs lent the brand a sense of mystery. This was elegantly supported by the advertising campaign featuring mermaids. A skilful advertising move. 'Sex sells' still applies today. But hidden in the tradition of Bowmore, situated on the waters of Loch Indaal, it is not too obvious or even disreputable. Kudos to Bowmore!


It remains to be seen how the whisky industry will evolve to appeal to both traditional connoisseurs and new target groups.

Ultimately, you decide which whisky appeals to you!