Whisky.de buys Whisky.com for $ 3.1 million.

Seeshaupt, Germany 03/03/2014 - Germany's major whisky mail order company The Whisky Store (Whisky.de) from Seeshaupt in Bavaria announces the purchase of the domain Whisky.com.

Over the course of 2014, one of the largest English-language whisky portals in the world will be created under this domain.

The core of this new domain will be the content translated into English from Whisky.de, whose pages already rank among the top whisky portals worldwide with 33,000 daily visitors and 17 million hits in December 2013. Theresia Lüning, owner of The Whisky Store, says: "Whisky only has a marginal existence in Germany. Globally, the number of interested parties is around 30 times greater. What could be more obvious than to make our over 1,000 pages of editorial content, our almost 10,000 photos of whisky distilleries and their products available to the entire world in English, in addition to our tasting videos, which have been viewed millions of times."

Whisky.com will develop into a global meeting place for whisky enthusiasts in the coming months. In addition to a discussion forum, which already has over 17,000 users and 230,000 posts in Germany, a presence on Facebook, YouTube and Google+ will also be expanded to enable visitors to communicate with each other.