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The Whisky Guide

Download your Whisky Guide for your own Whisky tastings at home. It helps Whisky beginners to understand the basics of Whisky enjoyment. It is a two page (front and back) pamphlet that you can distribute at your Whisky tasting for everybody to read while you are getting started.
For personal use only. Do not modify.

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The Tasting Pad

Many Whisky connoisseurs would like to organise a tasting for friends, acquaintances or work colleagues. You can equip your tasting with additional accessories and decoration as you wish. Helpful are tasting pads with circles for each glass, so that the participants do not get confused. Download your Tasting Pad for your own Whisky tastings at home.

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Tasting of high-quality Whiskies from all over the world as well as regular news from the world of Whisky await you here.

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