The company

Although Mossburn is a young company, its roots go back a long way. It is a bottler and blender not far from the English border. The Mossburn team has been blending and bottling whisky and other spirits since the 1990s. Their combined experience spans several generations, with more than a century of continuous family history in the Scotch whisky industry. First and foremost Neil Macleod Mathieson, who founded Eaux De Vie Ltd in his 20s. The importer primarily traded in spirits for more discerning connoisseurs. It wasn't long before Neil also began to act as an independent whisky bottler, with the first Scotch being launched in 1992. As co-founder of Mossburn, he was instrumental in setting up the company and its two distilleries, Torabhaig and Reivers.

The first bottlings under the company's own name 'Mossburn' were launched in 2017, a classic range for an independent bottler. However, Mossburn is striving for more than just bottling whisky. The company built its own Torabhaig distillery on the Isle of Skye and the Reivers distillery in the south of Scotland. The two distilleries could hardly be more different: While Torabhaig produces a smoky island malt true to the motto 'Well-Tempered Peat', the Reivers distillery specialises in mild grain whiskies.

The range

In the Signature Cask series, Mossburn bottles the two blended malt whiskies Island and Speyside, both with malts exclusively from the respective Scottish whisky region. In the Vintage Casks series, on the other hand, single malt whiskies are bottled from a very limited selection of casks. Despite its young age, the independent bottler has already been able to build up a considerable range of different whisky bottlings, from Ardmore to Royal Brackla. As a rule, the bottlings are neither chill-filtered nor coloured. Second maturations and double cask maturations are often used for additional flavours and depth.