Diageo - Flora & Fauna

The company

The Flora & Fauna range was founded by United Distillers (UD) in the 1980s. The group also had lesser-known distilleries in its portfolio that only produced for the blended whisky industry. Flora & Fauna was created in order to be able to sell its own bottling to distillery visitors and tourists from the region. Initially, the bottling range was only intended for sale locally, but then became increasingly popular.

In 1997, UD merged with International Distillers and Vintners under the name Diageo. Diageo is now one of the largest spirits groups in the world. Many of the best-known Scottish distilleries belong to the spirits giant. These include Lagavulin, Cragganmore, Talisker and Caol Ila, to name but a few.

The range

Under Flora & Fauna, malts from lesser-known distilleries are primarily bottled. Each bottle label shows different motifs from the animal and plant world. The name Flora & Fauna is not an official designation of the manufacturer and is therefore not mentioned on the labels. The name was probably coined by whisky connoisseur Michael Jackson (1942-2007).

Initially, the bottlings were packaged in wooden crates. Under this edition, 22 different bottlings were released. After this, the company switched to cardboard outer packaging, and most of the bottles are now sold loose.

Since 1998, the series has not only bottled whiskies at 43% vol. but also at cask strength.

Interesting to know!

Flora and fauna have helped many a distillery achieve a breakthrough. Until 2002, Caol Ila 's malt was only used for blended whisky production. As the 15-year-old Flora & Fauna bottling was very well received, Diageo eventually introduced original bottlings as well.

Flora & Fauna Whiskies

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