Whisky Cocktails

Whisky alone is great. But it is also a great base for multiple Cocktails! From sweet or spicy to sour - Discover the great variety of Cocktails with Whisky!


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Find many more Cockatils and the recipes for them in our vast Database.

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How are the Cocktails mixed? Check out our Playlist on YouTube, and learn how these tasty Whisky Cocktails are mixed.

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History of Special & Popular Whisky Cocktails

How were those Cocktails created? What is the history of them? This and some funny facts can be found in the following articles:

The Whiskey Sour

This Cocktail is one of the most popular. In this article we introduce the Whiskey Sour, and how you can easily mix this drink yourself.

Whiskey Sour

Old Fashioned

The classic Original -  The first and oldest Whisky Cocktail. But how the Drink is mixed and why it wasn't always called by his current name, you can find in this article.

Old Fashioned