Our new customers often have numerous questions, ranging from the taste of individual malt whisky varieties to the correct tasting of whisky and the differences between Scotch whisky and American whiskey. On this page you will find a compilation of topics to help you answer these initial questions.

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Whisky, or whiskey, is a grain distillate that is subject to certain regulations regarding production, depending on the country of origin. The three components of whisky(e) are grain, water and yeast. Find out everything in detail about malting, fermenting, distilling and storing in the following!

Whisky, a rich and diverse category of distilled spirits, encompasses a wide range of styles and flavours. From the smoky, peaty notes of Islay Scotch to the sweet and spicy character of Kentucky Bourbon, from the smooth elegance of Irish whiskey to the refined craftsmanship of Japanese whisky, this spirit offers a captivating journey through the world of fine craftsmanship and unique terroirs.

Interessante Bereiche rund um die Produktion, wie eine Fassfabrik und eine Abfüllanlage. Erfahren Sie, was es mit der Kältefiltration auf sich hat und wie sich die Herstellung von Whisky im Laufe der Jahre verändert hat.

Sweet, sour, salty, bitter or umami, these are all flavours. However, we can express it even more clearly and have terms for it such as vanilla sweetness, notes of light fruits, intense peppery notes, dark fruits, smoky, after citrus or oak and so on and so forth. But taste is also a very personal thing and it is not uncommon for connoisseurs to perceive whisk(e)y very differently. 

The whisky industry, like many industries, never stands still. Distilleries close and new ones are founded. There are mergers and takeovers. The partners with whom distilleries work change, as do the buying patterns of customers. We have witnessed much of this change over the past decades. 

A collector is a person who collects something... Coins, stamps, works of art, shoes, handbags, books or even whisky. The ambition to collect whisky can be very different, from a small private collection to have whiskies of different tastes at home or even as an investment. We tell you what is worth collecting!

Questions of all kinds reach us every day. 

Will this bottle be available again? How do you pronounce the whisky? What does this note on the label mean? How long can I store the whisky? Can I buy my own whisky cask? What literature is there on the subject of whisky? What is a Keeper of the Quaich? The list could go on and on. Here you can get answers to (almost) all your questions about whisky.