Introduction to the Team

Company Background is a small company in the heart of Bavaria, Germany and we are dedicated to premium Whisky and Whiskey. Our Company is in close cooperation with the biggest Single Malt Whisky retailers. So we have access to a product range of over 1000 different Whiskies and Whiskeys.

Since 1990 we traveled a lot through the highlands and lowlands of Scotland. Besides tasting a lot of the Whiskies there, we collected a vast number of pictures from the distilleries. This is where our love for the 'water of life' started. In 1999 we toured through Kentucky and Tennessee, USA to visit the Bourbon side of Whiskey. There we found a lot of great Whiskeys and also the fine craftsmanship of making the Bourbon barrels that are later used to mature the Whisky in Scotland and in other Whisky making countries. Later our team visited Ireland and got into the world of the Irish lifestyle.

What You Can Expect on this Website

You will gain access to our great knowledge. You will find thousands of articles about Whisky illustrated with a huge number of pictures. Our Whisky community includes the Forum, the Video Blog and a big database with hundreds of distilleries and thousands of bottles. The Forum will be expert guided, so your questions will be answered. The Video Blog will be updated several times a week and we are happy if you follow us on our website or directly on YouTube. The database is there for you to interact. Put your collection of Whiskies online, rate the Whiskies and make notes to all the Whiskies you already enjoyed. In addition you can compare your notes to other users' notes. Feel free to share these notes with your friends.