Free Whisky guide to print

In this printable guide, you will learn everything you need to know to get started in the wonderful world of Whisky, bundled on 6 pages.

  • What is Whisky?
  • What Whisk(e)ys are there?
  • What characterises a good Whisky?
  • Which Whisky to start with?
  • Which Whisky glass?
  • Whisky shelf life and storage
  • Whisky as an investment
  • Is Whisky bad for your health
  • The most important distilleries

▶ If you prefer to read online, you can find lots more information for beginners on our knowledge pages.

Instructions for printing

Open the PDF via the link below and select duplex printing in your printer settings to print the guide on both sides. You can then fold it along the dotted line to create a beautiful brochure.

Whisky Guide