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Does Whisky Go Bad?
The Shelf-Life of Whisky

How long can an opened Whisky be enjoyed? How Whisky is stored right for long enjoyment.

Scottish Single Malt
How is Scotch Whisky produced?

Discover the journey from the barley on the field to the liquid in the bottle. An overview and details about the production-process of Scotch Single Malt.

Cask Types
The Different Cask Types of Whiskies

Whisky matures in many different types of casks. An overview of the types and how they influence the maturation of Whisky.

The Whisky Vlog
More than 2.600 Tasting Videos with Ben and Horst Luening

We sample all kinds of Whisky and Whiskey in our tasting videos. Discover Malts from all around the world with Ben and Horst Luening!

Whisky for Beginners
The Basics of Whisky

Discover the topic of Whisky: facts, information and everything else you have to know about Whisky as a beginner.

Your Tasting at Home
Everything your need for your own Whisky Tasting

You want to hold you own Whisky tasting at home? Here is everything you need to know with facts and a helpfull checklist!


Interesting Facts & Articles about Whisky

How is Bourbon Whiskey made?

Learn about the American Bourbon production, with details about each step.


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