You don't drink high-quality whisky just like that. In order to experience the taste properly, there are a few basic rules that you should follow. We have put together a few tips for you here. In the end, however, it is up to you how you prefer to enjoy your whisky!

Whisky or Whiskey can be enjoyed in different ways. Some drink it in a cocktail, others on ice. However, in order to discover and appreciate the multitude of flavours in high-quality Single Malt Whisky, Bourbon and Rye, it should be enjoyed exclusively neat and also pay attention to a few points during the tasting. Especially for beginners, we explain here the most important steps for an intensive and successful whisky tasting.

Learn how to properly taste high-quality Whisky. It's not about ice, soda or voodoo. We are more concerned with the inner values of Whisky and how people can best perceive them. Four points are particularly important: the right glass, the mood, the tasting method and dilution with water.

Many Whisky connoisseurs would like to organise a tasting for friends, acquaintances or colleagues. Of course, they want it to be remembered positively. But what makes a good tasting? Is it the Whiskies that are tasted, the participants, or rather the atmosphere? Opinions differ. It is certainly a combination of many factors.

Customers often ask us in which order specific Whiskies should be tasted. In the following two videos, Horst Lüning gives you tips for the tasting order of Single Malts and American Whiskies. However, this should not be seen as absolute. There are enough reasons to deviate from this order.

You often hear Whisky lovers say: 'I only drink my Whisky neat'. Should we leave this sentence as it is? Certainly not. But this sentence expresses a positive basic attitude towards enjoying Whisky: 'I'm not going to water down my precious Whisky after all!' Here opinions differ.

The alcohol content of a Whisky can be determined in various ways. In the following, we will show you how you can determine this yourself manually or with small PC programmes.

Blind tasting is when you don't know which Whisky you have in front of you in the glass to taste. In this way, you can approach the Whisky without bias. You don't have the usual and crucial information about the bottle, brand, variety, image, alcohol content and storage. And without all this information - even before the first sip - it is much more difficult to categorise a Whisky.