Whisky Industry

There is no standstill. The wheel is constantly turning. Over the decades, sales, takeovers and changes often determine a burner's life. We explain the background.

We explore the question of whether whisky bottlings have changed over the years, whether the same whisky tastes the same in the past and today!

200 years ago, thousands of farm distilleries produced spirits in Scotland. Today, around 140 of them remain. We describe the history of the closures of the distilleries concerned.

The many new openings give us hope!

Who is the right target group and what can we as malt whisky connoisseurs learn from this?

An independent bottler, or UA for short, buys whisky casks from various distilleries and bottles them under their own name. The whisky is often matured in other casks and some are single cask bottlings.

Whisky sustainability means environmentally friendly practices in production to preserve the industry for the future and minimise environmental impact.

Good Whisky has to mature for a long time. And the demand is great. That's why, unfortunately, there are sometimes supply problems. This has a corresponding effect on prices.