Background knowledge on production

In this section we introduce you to interesting areas around the production, such as a cask factory and a bottling plant. Find out what chill filtration is all about and how the production of whisky has changed over the years.

Old bottle of Glenfarclas in a cupboard behind glass

The first beginnings of whisky production date back to 1494, although the end product had little in common with our whisky today. To this day, the production process is almost unchanged, although the technology has evolved.

nostalgic stills at Maker's Mark

Much has changed since renowned distilleries such as Highland Park, Bowmore and Glen Garioch began producing at the end of the 18th century. The operation of the plants has become very modern.

Cooling machine

How does chill filtration work and what does it do, and does it affect the taste?

Various casks at Glengoyne

What kind of wood the barrel is made of, how big and old it is, and last but not least how it was filled, all have a significant influence on the contents.

Barrel production

The long life of a barrel, from its manufacture through the various fillings to its reprocessing.

Kilbeggan still in front of old brick wall

What is behind the mysterious moonshining?

Bottling plant

The way of the whisky matured for years in the barrel into the bottle is shown in the following article using the example of Chivas bottling.

bubbling watercourse

How much water is in whisky and how is the alcohol produced?

There are hardly any of them any more, the independent distilleries. Why is that and what does it mean for the whisky connoisseur?

The maturation of whisky in casks is a careful process that imparts complex flavours and character to the distillate as it matures in wooden casks, transforming it from a raw distillate into a rich and nuanced spirit.

The long life of a barrel from production through the various fillings to reprocessing.