C & S

The company

Behind C&S is the independent bottler Caminneci - Wine & Spirit Partner.

The German with Italian roots has been involved with the Scottish water of life since the 1990s. Andrea Caminecci worked for a long time in whisky sales for several wholesalers before founding his own spirits company in 2005.

Originally, the company's product range focussed on wine, whisky liqueurs and vodka. Known as a whisky expert, however, he received more and more whisky enquiries from his customers. Thanks in part to his good contacts in Scotland and with the distilleries, the first 2 casks were bottled under the "C&S Dram" brand in 2006. Andrea Caminneci gave up his business in September 2017.

The range

Several series are now bottled under C&S. Most of the bottlings are single casks and are primarily intended to be "drinking whiskies" with the help of moderate prices. The only exception is the Exceptional series, which contains very old and high-priced malts. All bottlings are non-chill-filtered and without colouring.

In Dram Regional, two to three casks per bottling are blended together. The series has been in existence since 2011 and highlights the different regional characters; as the focus is not on the distilleries, they are not named. Each malt is bottled at 46% in a 0.5 litre bottle.

The C&S Dram Collection is designed to be savoured, not collected. Casks are selected at reasonable prices in co-operation with Scottish whisky connoisseurs such as Brian Morrison.

Since April 2007, the Dram Good series has been the further development of the C&S Dram Collection. In contrast to its predecessor, this range consists of non-cask strength whiskies with an average strength of 46-50%.

The third product range from C&S was launched in May 2010. In the Dram Senior range, each malt is over 20 years old and is bottled at cask strength and as a single cask.

Only exceptional and high-quality single malts make it into the Exceptional series.

If you should discover another C&S dram, grab it. Unfortunately, Andrea Caminneci ceased its bottling activities in 2017.