Penderyn Patagonia: No.11 of the Icons of Wales series

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A collaboration between the Welsh distillery and the Patagonian La Alazana Distillery


The 11th edition in the Penderyn Icons of Wales series is, for once, not a single malt but a blended malt made from whisky from two distilleries: For the Penderyn Patagonia, Penderyn whisky was married with that of the Andalusian La Alazana Distillery.

With its Icons of Wales whisky series, the Welsh Penderyn Distillery honours special events or people from Welsh history. For example, the first edition "Red Flag" was a tribute to the uprising of the Welsh working class in 1831, "Bryn Terfel" was a tribute to a famous Welsh opera singer and the focus of number 10 was the famous Welsh football anthem "YMA O HYD".

Icons of Wales No. 11 is dedicated to the Welsh heritage in southern Argentina: the roots of the Welsh community there go back to 153 immigrants who left Wales to start a new life in Argentina. They landed on 28 July 1865 and began to establish a colony in which the Welsh culture and language were to be preserved. Today, it is estimated that around 50,000 Argentinians of Welsh descent live in Patagonia, 5,000 of whom speak Welsh.

La Alazana Distillery: from field to glass

At the end of March 2022, Professor Morgan, one of the founders and first chairman of Penderyn, visited the Patagonian community of Chubut. He introduced the Welsh whisky and met with the owner of La Alazana Distillery, that is situated 600 kilometres away. A tasting of the Patagonian single malt was followed by the decision to work together.

Since November 2011, Nestor and Lila Serenelli's La Alazana Distillery has been producing their single malt whisky as a farm distillery using locally produced stills and water from the Andes. Initially, the malt was imported from Scotland, but they now use their own grain. The whisky is stored in American and French oak barrels. Lila Serenelli completed her master's degree in brewing and distilling at Heriot Watt University in Scotland and produces the whisky according to Scottish standards.

Penderyn does not provide details on the composition of the Penderyn Alazana, such as the casks used, in its press releases. The blended malt was bottled without chill-filtering at 43% vol.

Official tasting notes for the Penderyn Patagonia

Nose: Delicate and enchanting, the whisky opens with sweet and floral notes. Hints of orchard fruits, including crisp green apples and succulent pears, mingle with a gentle essence of vanilla, honey, and caramel.

Palate: A harmonious blend of flavours graces the palate. Subtle, yet rich, the palate introduces a sweet symphony of honey, the allure of apple tart, and the succulence of juicy pears. These flavours are gracefully accompanied by the embrace of vanilla and delicate oaky undertones. A chorus of spices dances upon the tongue—cinnamon, peppers, and a whisper of cloves—interwoven with almonds and creamy toffee.

Finish: The grand finale leaves a lasting impression of dried fruits mingling with a gentle caress of sweet spice. The whisky’s resonant character lingers, inviting you to savour the intricate layers of flavour long after the last sip.


Source: Penderyn

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