Laphroaig Elements 2.0: The second edition of the experimental series

Petra Milde |

An Islay whisky with a particularly long fermentation process

Last year, Laphroaig launched a new series of experimental single malt whiskies, beginning with Elements 1.0. Now the launch of the second edition was announced. You can already pre-order the Laphroaig Elements 2.0 in the online shop.

Trying out new things in whisky production and conjuring up unusual flavours is the approach with which Laphroaig creates the whiskies for the Elements Series. With Laphroaig Elements 1.0, the focus was on varying the mash: in mash tuns of two different sizes (8.5 tonnes as was common before the 1990s in addition to the 5.5 tonnes now used as standard at Laphroaig), not only semi-cloudy wort was extracted, but also a proportion of cloudy wort. This resulted in more phenolic flavours.

For the Laphroaig Elements 2.0, particular attention was paid to the duration of the fermentation process: In contrast to Laphroaig's usual 55-hour fermentation, the period was more than doubled and extended to 115 hours. Special aeration encouraged the process, which resulted in particularly fruity notes.

Unexpectedly fruity

Barry MacAffer, outgoing Distillery Manager of Laphroaig, said of Laphroaig Elements 2.0 that it combines years of traditional whisky making with new, progressive techniques. Laphroaig Elements 2.0 is an unexpectedly fruity whisky with the same peaty character of Laphroaig which one knows and loves. The Laphroaig Elements 2.0 has been produced without chill-filtration in natural colour with an alcohol content of 59.6% vol. It is available on the German market with an RRP of 172.90 Euros.

Tasting notes for the Laphroaig Elements 2.0

Nose: Fruity and subtly maritime. Stewed green apples, custard and zesty orange peel with subtle peaty notes.

Flavour: Fruity, sweet and salty. Green apples with notes of liquid honey and the soft peatiness of smouldering campfires and smoked seafood.

Finish: Sweet with an increasingly warming smokiness on the finish.


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