Glen Grant looks back at a successful year

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Glen Grant Whisky and Master Distiller Dennis Malcom received multiple awards

In a press release Campari proudly looks back on the recent successes of its Glen Grant Whisky. The Speyside distillery is pleased about four awards and those are honors that are payed attention In the whole international spirits industry.

Glen Grant 10 Year Old on the top of Jim Murrays Lists for years

The Glen Grant 10 Year Old is the flagship of the label and awards for this single malt whisky are not unusual. But a single malt that is awarded the first place in a category of Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible for the fourth time in a row is indeed exceptional. Besides this success in the category “10 Years and Under” Glen Grant can be pleased about the title “Single Malt of the Year” in the category Multiple Casks as well.

The official tasting notes of the winner Glent Grant 10 Year Old:

Appearance: rich golden color Nose: medium dry with balanced aromas of ripe garden fruits
Palate: intensive, fruity with a long nutty finish
Finish: long, smooth and nutty

Successful life’s work honored: Dennis Malcolm

Glen Grant Master Distiller Dennis Malcom meanwhile can look back on 50 years in whisky business. Two famous awards honor his successful achievements: From the Whisky Advocate Magazine he was awarded a price for his life’s work just a few days after the International Wine and Spirit Competition awarded him the trophy Outstanding Achievement.
In 1946 Dennis Malcom was born on the ground of the Glen Grant Distillery and there he made his first steps in whisky business in 1961 as a cooper’s apprentice. On his way on he worked in several distilleries until he returned in 20016 where it all begun: He became master distiller of Glen Grant and formed and shaped the whisky until today.

Credits picture: Campari Deutschland GmbH

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