Brora Triptych: A trio that represents three different styles of rare old Brora Whisky

The premium bottlings will be released in celebration of the reopening of the Brora Distillery


The time has come: after three years of extensive restoration, the Brora Distillery on the north-east coast of Scotland will reopen in May 2021. On this occasion, the Brora Triptych collection, which consists of three bottlings of old whisky from the distillery, will be launched at the same time. The actual press release does not reveal how many of these trios will be available, but it does reveal the price: it will be £ 30,000 in the UK.

The three high-quality crystal decanters with the extraordinary Glencairn stoppers each contain 50 cl and are presented in a case made from ash wood by Master Cabinetmaker and Royal Warrant Holder N.E.J. Stevenson. The stylish design is inspired by the coastlines next to Brora. With each Brora Triptych set, the buyer also acquires a personal invitation from Brora's Master Distiller Stewart Bowman to visit the distillery.

Master Distiller Stewart Bowman remembers the old times

Bowman says: “The stories of Brora are woven into my own history and I am honoured to soon be able to share these stories with others. My father was an ‘old hand’ at the distillery, and I grew up in the village with the top of the distillery’s bell-tower visible from our kitchen window.

In the years after Brora’s closure, I remember my father showing me the old cask ledgers and the records of those final casks distilled in 1983 and asking if Brora would return one day. It fills me with great pride that thirty-eight years after the doors of Brora closed, more casks will now be filled, and we will be able to welcome people once again to this special place.

It is our commitment that we will do justice to the Brora of old and hope to welcome visitors to our restored home as soon as that is possible. In the Brora Triptych, we aimed to celebrate the great whisky styles of the past for which Brora is known.”

Three Brora Single Malt Whiskies - three different styles


The bottlings of the Brora Triptych reflect three very different styles of whisky that were made in the old Brora Distillery over the years. Master Blender Dr. Craig Wilson selected the vintage single malt whiskies for the Brora Triptych and says: “These are some of our very last precious relics from a Brora of bygone age. Each one represents a moment in time at the distillery and tasting these superb whiskies is to be part of a special moment in history. When selecting the casks for these rare bottlings, we wanted to celebrate those distinct characteristics that define Brora, and those that we seek to uphold as we begin a new chapter in its story."

Brora Triptych Elusive Legacy

The single malt, bottled at 42.8% ABV, is 48 years old and the oldest whisky ever released by the distillery. The casks, filled in 1972, delivered an earthy whisky as it was produced only for a short time. A delicate aroma, in which wood is combined with a hint of peach tart, embedded in a powerful maltiness, this is how the press release describes the aroma of the Elusive Legacy.

Brora Triptych Age of Peat

The bottling of casks from 1977 is 43 years old. It offers the classic Brora style of the late 70s, heavily peated, very intense, with vanilla aromas, green apples, tropical fruits, a hint of beeswax and a long, sweet smoky finish. The alcohol content is 48.6% ABV.

Brora Triptych Timeless Original

38 years of age, this is the youngest bottling of the triptych. The casks were filled in 1982, the year before Brora was closed. Here the palate can discover that typical waxy mouthfeel that many associate with Brora. The smoke recedes, citrus notes appear and grassy aromas, a certain flowery and saltiness can be recognized. 47.5% ABV.

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