An outlook on the Black Velvet Onyx 12 and Untouched 21

Petra Milde |

Two new Canadian Blended Whisky announced

There are some interesting news from the Black Velvet Distillery in Lethbridge, Canada: Two new bottlings will be released in the coming months that seem to be very interesting. Black Velvet Onyx 12 YO and Black Velvet Untouched, 21 YO. We thought we’ll tell you in advance so you know on what you can look forward to.

Black Velvet Onyx 12 Year Old, 40% ABV

The Label Black Velvet is the bestselling Canadian whiskey in the US – except for the leading Crown Royal. The whiskies, for example the Black Velvet Reserve and the Black Velvet, are Blends which are famous for their smoothness, sweet fruity notes and nutty caramel aromas. The Black Velvet Onyx is also a Canadian Blended Whisky and its maturation time of 12 years promises an even smoother texture and deep color. The name Onyx refers to the properties that in natural medicine are linked with this black stone. It is said to strengthen the self-confidence of its possessor and help him to provide strength of character and inner harmony – isn’t this a fascinating promise for a whisky?

Black Velvet Untouched 21 Year Old, 40% ABV

Distilled 21 years ago and deposited in the storehouse by Master Distiller Jack Napier this whisky rested untouched in the barrels until now. This promising old whisky is released in a special wooden box that gives its noble content a worthy appearance.

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