This year's Lochlea Fallow Edition released

Lowland whisky in a change of seasons


The young, independent Lochlea Distillery emphasises the change of seasons with its series of seasonal releases. As a farm distillery that grows its own barley in its fields for the single malt whisky it produces, it illustrates the change quite appropriately through the seasonal events in the fields: The Sowing Edition is dedicated to sowing, the Harvest Edition to the harvest, the Fallow Edition to the resting period of the fields after the harvest and the Ploughing Edition to the winter phase of ploughing, when the fields are broken up in preparation for the next sowing.

A full year of Lochlea Seasonal Releases in the change of the seasons is behind us and the second cycle has already introduced sowing and harvest. Now the Lochlea Fallow Edition Second Crop has been released. The whisky was bottled without chill-filtering and in natural colour with an alcohol content of 46% ABV. It is available e.g here in the online shop of in limited quantities.

In contrast to the Fallow Edition First Crop, which was matured exclusively in Oloroso sherry butts, Pedro Ximénez sherry casks were also used for the second edition alongside Oloroso. The result is a wonderfully lush, wintery dram with a completely new flavour profile. The Oloroso casks lend intense notes of manuka honey and light syrup, while the new PX casks contribute warming notes of sweet and spicy ginger candy and ground coffee beans, as we learn from Lochlea's German distributor Kirsch Import.

Images: Kirsch Import