No. 1 Apps at Girvan Distillery to be decommissioned

Petra Milde |

The still has been working from the very beginning of the distillery

Since the Girvan Distillery started working in 1963 grain whisky has been produced in continuous distillation with patent still technology. The still No. 1 Apps that has been in use from the very first day will now be decommissioned according to news from the Spirits Business. At Girvan Distillery the company William Grant & Sons is producing the grain whisky that is the basis for the well-known blended whiskies of Grant’s.

Girvan uses modern vacuum technology for No. 4 Apps

In addition to No. 1 Apps Girvan meanwhile runs four other patent stills which enable the distillery to produce 110 million liters of spirit annually. The most famous still besides No. 1 Apps is No. 4 Apps (Apps is an abbreviation for “Apparatus”) which started production in 1992. This was the start of the so called Multi Pressure System (MPS). Under vacuum conditions distillation can be conducted very gently. The result is a clean, smooth and fruity spirit.

Single grain whiskies enrich the portfolio of William Grant

Last year William Grant released a 25 year old single grain whisky that was distilled with No. 1 Apps and also a single grain without age statement. It is named „Girvan Patent Still Single Grain No.4 Apps“ so that the modern vacuum still was memorialized.

Girvan will install another patent still

To answer the growing demand for grain whisky the Girvan Distillery will expand and constructs a new still. A warehouse was demolished to have enough place for it. According to an announcement of Stuart Watts, Girvan Distillery Manager, the new Anlage will have an annual production capacity of 10.500 liters.

credits: the spirits business

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