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The Development of the Individual Taste and the Significance of Guided Whisky Tastings

Learn how your Taste memory works and what happens at professional whisky tastings.

Whisky Label Lore

Learn about how what a whisky bottle label tells you about the Scotch, Bourbon or Irish whiskey inside.

7 Peculiarities about the Whisky Industry

Is everything going right in the whisky industry? Is whisky a dangerous chemical and what is the difference between a Single malt and a pure malt?

The Alcohol Content of Scotch Whisky

Scotch whisky comes in 40% and 43% and sometimes even higher AVB. How much Alcohol is enough and why does the content differ?

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In 1889 the distillery was founded by Tom Moore under his name. It was closed down due to prohibition in 1920. Later after the 21st Amendment in Dec....


The Ardmore distillery was founded in 1898 by Adam Teacher near the town of Kennethmont. It is a typical Scottish Speyside distillery.


Arran is a very young distillery, but already has many bottlings in its program. There are also a lot of whiskies with wine finishes done by the...


Laphroaig distillery was officially founded in 1815, although rumor say that the brothers Alexander and Donald Johnston actually built the site in...


The Lagavulin distillery on Islay is home to perhaps one of Scotland's most famous whiskies. The peat and iodine of the sea give its renowned flagship...