The Glenglassaugh distillery was founded in 1875 by Col. James Moir. The distillery lies directly next to the River Spey.

The view of a narrow path between two rows of pot stills.
Right: wash stills Left spirit stills

He ran the company like a family business for 18 years and then sold it to Highland Distillers.

two potstills from the front
pot stills

The distillery got a complete re-build in the year 1960. 

a look down a ally of the Glenglassaugh warehouse
the warehouse

In 1986 the distillery discontinued to produce whisky. It got closed and wasn't opened until 22 years later. 

A picture down from a gangway onto the spirit safe and spirit reciever
Spirit reciver and spirit save

Now in 2008 the distillery got its reopening and already brought out whiskies with no age statement on the label. There are still some old whiskies on the market from the time before the closing.

a view over a field onto the warehouses of Glenglassaugh
the dunnages