Whisky Distilleries

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Bimber is a Whisky distillery in London. 'Bimber' means moonshine in Polish. The founders of the distillery emigrated to London from Poland in 2003 to start their business.
Adnams is a brewery and distillery on the east coast of England, in Southwold near Norwich. From grain farming to Whisky maturing, all production steps take place at the distillery itself.
The English Lakes Distillery, near the Scottish border, produces Single Malt Whisky and Blended Malt Whiskies as well as other spirits like Gin and Vodka. In the so-called 'Cross-Border Blended Malt' Scottish and English Single Malts are married together,...
The Spirit of Yorkshire is where Filey Bay Whisky is produced. The northern English county is considered the center of English barley cultivation. No wonder that only locally grown barley is processed at The Spirit of Yorkshire.