Whisky Distilleries

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Herb Sweet Oak
The distillery is still very young and was founded by Chip Tale. Read more about it below.↓
Honey Grass Cinnamon
The Garrison Brothers Distillery has managed to mature Bourbon Whiskey in hot Texas. A cooper made customised barrels with extra-thick staves that can withstand the extreme heat in Texas.
The Ironroot Republic distillery is located in Denison, Texas. The distillery emphasises locally grown grain without genetic engineering. The grain is grown within a radius of 60 miles and is processed entirely on the distillery premises. The Whiskeys are...
Nuts Almonds
The Milam & Greene distillery team around Master Distiller Marlene Holmes distils in Blanco, Texas and in Bardstown, Kentucky.
Dark Chocolate Cherry Date
Lone Elm Whiskey is made from wheat at Five Points Distillery in Forney, Texas. The winter wheat is purchased from local farmers and returned to them after mashing to fertilize the fields. The whiskey is stored in new American white oak barrels.