Elijah Craig Small Batch

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Heaven Hill
USA, Kentucky
0.7 l
Original bottling
Chill filtration - With Artifical colouring - Without

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16. Apr 2019
Nosing: Sweet Oak Zitrus Butterscotch, Toffee, Leather

Taste: Sharp--Spices Oak : : pepper: Dark--Cherry Vanilla Alcohol

Finish: Medium Finish of Heat Alcohol Spices Oak

Comment: Slight burn in the mouth, but definite burn in the chest. I do not particularly like sharp, spicy, and peppery flavor in my Bourbon. I like hot peppers (jalapenos, and habaneros in food), but not in my Bourbon/Whiskey. This is the same reason that I do not like Rye Bourbon/Whiskey, because of the heavy sharp spicey peppery taste. You are to-eat your spices and peppers, and you follow that with a-drink of-a sweeter Bourbon/Whiskey. One does not drink your spices and peppers, and then eat a bunch of sweeter things, unless you live on candy.

01. Jun 2018

Comment: Just a massively fine bourbon... w
14. Mar 2020
Nosing: Oak Sweet Vanilla Caramel

Taste:Oak Pepper Sweet Vanilla

Finish: Hay Cherry Spices

20. Nov 2018
20. Dec 2018
unknown user
21. Jul 2019