Top 5 distilleries

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Easy enough question. What are your top 5 world distilleries or brands of malt( say you like chivas for example)

Min would be in no paricullar order.

1. Highland park ( introduced me to more complex flavours and in my opinion produced some of the most consistent high quality malts) I've never had one I'd score below a 80.

2. Glenmorangie. They really know how to use wood in creative ways and their 10/18 year old malts are wonderful even without fancy finishes.

3. Lagavullin. Prince of islay

4. Woodford reserve. The best bourbon money can buy.

5. Glen Breton glenora distillieries. A speysider from Canada. Wonderful at about 15 years. They also do a magnificent ice wine finish. The 15 year old ice wine finish may be my favorite malt.... Now if only I could get a second bottle.

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