Top 5 distilleries

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    Mine in no particular order are:

    1. Talisker
    2. Bowmore
    3. Springbank
    4. Glen Garioch
    5. Imperial

    Honorable mention: The Balvenie (old versions)

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    Great post sir. 

    Mine would be:

    1. Glenfiddich. Its a classic, and if you ask me there is a reason for that. 

    2. Macallan. I love the distillery character of Macallan. 

    3. Ardbeg. The smokey flavor with citrus fruits:lemon:, you gotta love that.

    4. Nikka. They made a few pearls, which happen to be favorites of mine (yoichi 10y & nikka from the barrel)

    5. Talisker. I just really enjoy.

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