Johnny Walker Green - change of label/better blend?

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    imageI never had the much revered original JWG, but have always read about how rich and smoky it was. I bought a bottle earlier this year and while I liked it, it really wasn’t all that smoky. Then I bought another bottle that had a slight label change and it was much, much better. It was like they listened to the people and added a big helping of the Caol Ila portion to the blend. The label on the right is the smooth/rich/not so smoky one and the label on the left is the richer/smoky blend. To confirm it, I even bought one more of each to see if it was a fluke, and it was the same. Has anyone else come across this or hear of any changes made to the blend to bring it back in line with the original?

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    I can't tell you that they made any changes, but I had a similar experience with Johnnie walker. Let's see if someone else can confirm it.

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    @GulfCoastScotchLover Amazing whisky, it is the same, but they change the label enviroment

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    @GulfCoastScotchLover As you can see, Johnnie Walker has many bottles, so they are always improvin the marketing place of everything. Do you still having that in your collection? 

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    I think the Johnnie walker is still as delicious as ever. I'd say it's a simple makeover. 

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