Is bourbon boring? Or am I wrong?

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    @DramTasticVoyage couldn’t agree more.  I have tried dozens upon dozens of bourbon and it seems to me that it’s all varying degrees of the same’s a scale of good to bad but based on working to achieve the exact same flavor profile.  Is bourbon itself boring?  No.  Is the bourbon experience as a whiskey lover boring.  IMO, absolutely.  I can only sum it up this way.  I took a bourbon buddy out one night to open his eyes up to what’s possible in whisky.  We tried a good 12 different whiskeys all night.  About half way through the flight he says to me, if you get this, I’ll get the Pappy.  So, he dropped $100 on an ounce of Pappy between three of us, we each  dropped about the same on the dozen we tried.  He was like - get ready, this going to be amazing.  We all tried it and his face just went flat with disappointment.  All the waiting to try the most renown name in Bourbon only to have it, in his words.”tastes like Bourbon”.  I said, “yes, of course, but it’s very good and perfectly balanced.”  But, you could see the light...bourbon is one color in a spectrum that has mildly varying shades of the same color, where whiskey, as a whole, is a rainbow.  The rules being what they are, Bourbon will always have a place, but it will always, just be, Bourbon!  

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