Whisky Distilleries

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Laphroaig distillery was officially founded in 1815, although rumor say that the brothers Alexander and Donald Johnston actually built the site in 1810, when they started farming in the area. However, distillery dates in the nineteenth century, especially...
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The Lagavulin is located on the Isle of Islay. It's directly between Ardbeg and Laphroaig. Lagavulin is Galic and means "hollow by the mill". Read more about it below.↓
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Bowmore was founded in 1779 by John P. Simpson. Like most of the other distilleries Bowmore was established as a farming distillery. He named the distillery 'Bowmore' which is Gaelic for Great Reef.
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The Ardbeg distillery was officially founded in 1815 by John McDougall. But Whisky was distilled long before that. There are no documentations, as Ardbeg was an illegal business back in 1794.
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The word 'Bunnahabhain' means river mouth. Bunnahabhain was build in 1881 by the Greenless Brothers and is still the most norther Distillery on the Isle of Islay. Read more about it below.↓
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Built in 1846, Caol Ila is the largest of the eight distilleries scattered across the Isle of Islay on the west of Scotland. Read more about it below.↓
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Bruichladdich is Gaelic (Bruchláddich or Bruikladdie) and means corner of the beach or gentle slope of the sea. The distillery was built in the year 1881 by the Brothers Robert, William and John Gourlay Harvey. Read more about it below.↓
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Kilchoman distillery, which sits on the Isle of Islay, is one of the smallest distilleries in Scotland. For over 124 years the Kilchoman distillery was the first to be founded on the Isle of Islay.
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Port Ellen was founded in 1825 by A. K. Mackay & Company on the Kildaton south coast of Islay. The Laird Campbell was also instrumental in the establishment of the distillery, as he was the highest-ranking clan official on the Isle at the time.