Whisky Distilleries

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The Australian Starward distillery, based in Melbourne, has been producing Whisky since 2015. The founder, David Vitale, has Italian ancestors, but was raised in Melbourne. He cares a lot about his roots, which is why Starward Whisky matures exclusively...
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The Morris family has been running its own winery since 1859. Since 2016, Morris Whisky has also been produced here, which is matured in Barossa and Coonawarra Wine casks from the family's own cooperage.
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The distillery was founded in 1998 by David Bake.
The Australian Ambleside distillery is located near the city of Adelaide. Opened in 2016, the first product was Gin. In 2021 Whisky production finally started after the responsible Dickson family enlarged the production area eightfold and installed a...
Greta Southern was the first distillery to legally produce Single Malt Whisky in Western Australia. Limeburners Whisky is still produced there today.
The Mt. Uncle distillery ist located west of Queensland, Australia. It is named after the mountain it lies next to. The distillery not only produces the Whisky named Watkins, but also Gin, Rum and Vodka.
The Bundaberg Rum Distillery was founded in 1888 in the town of the same name in the Australian state of Queensland. The sugar cane for the Rum is grown in the area around Bundaberg by local farmers.
The family distillery Chief's Son has been producing Whisky since 2013. The distillery is located on the Mornington Peninsula on the outskirts of Melbourne.