Whisky Distilleries

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Zitrus Zitrus
The Japanese distillery was founded in 2018, attached to the brewery of the same name. Located in the southern part of Japan, in the prefecture of Hiroshima, Single Malts are produced there on two specially made stills. The second still, a hybrid still,...
Walnut Walnut Sweet
The Nagahama distillery is located in the small Japanese town of the same name on the shores of Lake Biwa. It is considered the smallest distillery in the country. With only 1,000 and 500 litre pot stills, the production volume is so small that the...
Lemon Lemon Zitrus
The Akkeshi distillery is a new distillery from the northern Japanese island Hokkaido.
Dried Fruit Dried Fruit Date
The Masahiro distillery was founded in 1883 in the Japanese prefecture of Okinawa. The distillery is where the Kujira Ryukyu Whisky is produced.