23 Years - 1972 Natural Cask Strength

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Scotland, Highlands
Single Malt Whisky
23 Years
0.7 l
Original bottling
Rare Malts Selection
Chill filtration - Without Artifical colouring - Without

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07. Mar 2020
1392) Teaninich, 1972/1996, 23YO, Rare Malts Collection, Natural Cask Strength

N- Fresh cut fig, dehydrated hawthorn and sticky nougat biscutti. Full and creamy that rounded out and 'caged' the beasty heat of 65% well. Plenty of power lurking, still fresh after all these years. Orange spreads, beehives, honey wax and get milky overtimes, strawberry milkshake with custard sugar? (93/23)

P- Concentrated and melt in your mouth to unleash the abundance of wood, fruits, honey, spiciness develop as it should be that translate to leathers, peels, hot chocolate and more beehives and honey. Waxy and malty, hints of faints ozone and burnt gas developed. (91/22)

F- Medium long, surprisingly smooth at neat. Fresh cut grass to waxy honey and loquat jelly, melting Harveys Grapefruit drops. Echoing, dry and chewy. (90/22)

B/B- 91/22 Could be better if to ignored the puffs of burnt gas.

Weighted Rate- 89pt, but will keep it at 90pt, +1 for an old malt.

Cr-3, Fr-4, Fl-1, Pt-0, Ft-3, Sp-1, Wd-3, Wn-3, Sc-3
Grass Honey Chocolate Strawberry Sweet Malt