What is your drinking pattern?

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    What is your drinking pattern?

    Do you drink from one bottle, finish it and then open a second one?

    Or do you drink from different bottles at one time?

    If you drink from different bottles at one time, do you start from the most expensive bottle to the least or from the least expensive to the most expensive or drink in random?

    Or do you drink by the taste of whisky, eg. fruit vs. peaty, etc?

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    I have a lot of ~5cl samples and thats what i drink/taste mainly. At the same time i have some bottles open that always have to be in my cupboard. And then i have 3 more which are always 1 Ex-Bourbon, 1 Peated and a Sherrybomb.

    If i enjoy some more, then it depends on intensity, peat and %abv in which order that will happen.

    regards.. ..and sorry for bad english
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    I'm all for diversity - due to all the bottle shares I'm organising and being part of quite a few off-line groups of whisky friends I always have between 100 and 200 bottles open at the same time, some of them of course qualifying more as samples due to the little content left inside...:rolleyes:
    Most of the time I select flights of whisky to drink - either put together for shared chaacteristics like peat level or specific taste or even just region, at other times paired for exactly opposite reasons - or just on a whim...
    Everyone should enjoy whisky the way he or she feels right about at that moment of time - no worries, just having fun!:smile:

    And malt does more than Milton can To justify God's ways to man. (A. E. Housman)
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