Highland Park 12

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    Hello from Portugal. Wanted to know your opinion about the different versions of Highland Park 12. Watched Mr. Horst Luening review that really appreciates this single malt, however found on other reviews that there is another version (more recent?), with a different box, wich supposedly is not so good. Also found a really expensive version of Highland Park called “paper version”. What is this all about with this whisky?


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    For a long time the 12 year was a great all rounder and to a degree it's still a very passable dram. In recent years it does seem to have lost some of its character but it's fine as an every day malt if you want a simple lightly peated whisky to relax with. The 18 is overpriced for what it is. The 3 NAS versions i've tried have all been supremely mediocre.
    When the 12 began to go downhill, Benromach 10 became my go to. Alas that has now lost some of its character in the recent rebranding.

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