New Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban

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    My wife and I are diehard devotees to Glenmorangie's Quinta Ruban. The port cask finish gives it a carmel taste that's unlike any other whisky we've ever tasted. Just learned that there's a "new" version, 14 years old rather than the previous version's 12 years. We tried our first bottle tonight and were utterly underwhelmed. The taste is nothing like our beloved quinta urban. We're wondering if anyone else feels the same way? (We're also hoping that this is like when Coca Cola introduced "new" Coke and later returned to the original formulation because of longtime customer outrage.)

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    @OGquintaguy That is unfortunate to hear! I'm still waiting for a bottle to roll out in southern California. I have been looking forward to trying it after watching @horst_s's review of the 14 year. I will let you know what I think when I get my hands on a bottle. Thanks for the info.



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    @OGquintaguy I too am waiting on the ability to get my hands on a 14 y/o Quinta Ruban.  I really like the 12 y/o, and the 12 y/o Lasanta as well. Hopefully what I eventually get won't be a disappointment.

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    I'm with you guys in waiting to taste of new 14yo QR. But it looks like we need to grab couple of current 12yo first. :smile:

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    Just bought a bottle of the 14. Thought it was okay but didn't blow me away. Haven't had the 12.  Horst and son were fans and commented that the 14 was a bit better so interesting to hear your thoughts.  Will have to pick up a 12 now to compare because my stockist still has some. 

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    @Shotter Well impressed by Quinta R 14!Bursting with flavour and a bit more Porty than 12.Best Port finished whisky i've tried.Lasanta rather nice too,if you like sherry finishes!

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