Bourbon experimentation

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    Hi, first discussion post.

    i have experimented with a decent amount of Bourbon. These are the bourbons I have tried so far:

    JIm Beam white Label

    Jim Beam Double Oak

    Wild Turkey 86.4 Proof

    Wild Turkey 101 

    Makers Mark

    Nelson County Kentucky Straight Bourbon

    Russell’s Reserve 10 year old 45% ABV

    Any recommendations as to Broaden horizons?


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    Please have a look at Booker's, Baker's, Knob Creek, Blanton's and Woodford Reserve.

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster,
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     I would also suggest Blanton's.

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    Buffalo Trace

    Bulleit Bourbon

    Elijah Graig

    Good beginners Bourbon's


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    @cam10159 I wish I enjoyed bourbon as much as I love scotch! I do enjoy bourbon, but i can only drink one or two before I get bored with it. The great thing about bourbon is the price! At least here in America anyway, i cant speak for other countries. I would recommend Buffalo Trace, Woodford Reserve, Angels Envy, Michters Straight Bourbon, and Four Roses Single Barrel. All of these bottles are affordable and delicious. 

    “I’m a simple man. All I want is enough sleep for two normal men, enough whiskey for three, and enough women for four.” 

    ~Joel Rosenburg

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    I like both Bulleit Bourbon and Buffalo Trace. The have differing finishes, with Trace having a hint more vanilla. 

    I also found myself liking the Bulleit 95 Rye. Seems I personally lean toward the stuff with more kick lol

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