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    My name is Randall. I started drinking scotch once I hit 21. I am a university student at Drexel university studying electrical engineering. I was first introduced to it when my friend decided to celebrate on my 21st with a dram of a very expensive bottle of scotch, I think it was 35 years aged. It was so good. Ever since then i have been hooked on it. I do have a serious nut allergy so a lot of friends recommended scotch is the safest thing to drink for me. I am not sure if that is true but haven't had a reaction yet. If you have an reccomendations for me be sure to let me know. I am more of a fan of single malts more then blended. Still trying to get my palate to like peaty scotches. I still am stuck on sweet and smoothe scotches. 

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    What scotch have you tried and found to your liking? What brands? That would help us to give suggestions.

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