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    Recently I purchased a bottle of The Macallan Amber through an online store.

    I noticed that the bottle did not have the typical Macallan logo on the side of the neck of the bottle.

    The box and the bottle itself look genuine but it bugs me that the logo is missing.

    Is the missing logo an indication that I could have bought a fake bottle?

    I know that I'm being a nitpick but it would put my mind at ease to know if it could be a production fault of some sort. Maybe more bottles do not have the logo but are still real.

    Thanks in advance

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    If it is the paper logo on the side of the neck, then that could have fallen off or a fault when produced in the bottling line. Things like that happens.

    The most important thing is that the top of the bottle is still sealed and that the sealing is the correct one. So that no one has put a wine stopper on top for example.

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