Vessel troubles

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    I'm sure most of us have a favorite glass. Not the ones we break out for guests, or formal occasions, but the one we use every single day for our beloved spirits. I used mine daily for whiskey on the rocks, gin and tonic, and the occasional bloody mary, made with gin. (Vodka is for women)

    I have of recent lost mine, in a tragic accident involving my girl friend, my dog, a slippery floor, and of course, my beloved rocks glass, made god knows when, and god knows where, as it contained no markings whatsoever. I have no recollection when or where I purchased it, but can estimate that I have drank from it for the better part of 17years now.

    I've since been looking far and wide across the internet, department stores,thrift shops and antique sores, even garage sales, for a rocks glass that equaled mine. I have yet to find one.

    They're all so, so flimsy. Thin around the sides, ya know? Mine was simple, plain, stout, thick all around, strait up and down, and heavy!

    If any of you lads and lasses know where I might procure a rocks glass of worth, do share.

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    Try the link below for Replacements Ltd. I have ordered a number of glasses from this company.

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