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I think hands down Tasmanian whisky is taking the world by storm I quess I am a bit biase as I live in tasmania with 9 distillerys here and more in the works, has anyone else tried our whisky if so what's your opinion

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    I have never seen a bottle of this in Canada, I know we can get sullivans cove here. Id like to try a glass of it someday, but the closest shop that carries it is 10 hours away and they haven't had any in stock in 6ish months cry

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    Well, taking the world by storm seems to exclude Germany...smile
    Haven't tried any Tasmanian whisky so I can't really comment on it - but I'll try to see what the autumn whisky fairs bring up! Sláinte!

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    I have tried the Sullivans Cove Double Cask, Nant French Oak Port Wood, Lark Port Cask Strength and Hellyers Road Peated so far. In average they are better than German whisky, but what they all have in common is a very spirity note, which I find a bit unattractive. There are loads of better whiskies around the globe.

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    This summer, a work mate was on a business trip in NZL, and I asked him to buy some local whisky there and bring it back to Europe.
    He discussed this with one of his business partner, who also collects single malts, and then bought me a bottle Diggers & Ditch, which is blended malt and consists of "premium NZ whisky and an award winning Tasmanian Single Malt".
    The bottling is sold out now - so I hesitate a little bit to open it. I'll probably keep it closed for now and decide in a couple of months cool

    cheers, Patrick
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    Im an Australian and must admit i dont think i have tried many, if any Tassy ones!!

    Can you list a few that you would recommend to try so i can feel a bit more patriotic! lol

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    We opened the database:



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