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    Does anyone know if the Elijah Craig 12 will continue in Europe or has the age statement been dropped worldwide. The only reason I ask is that there is still a large amount readily available in the UK for around £35. Given that the age statement was dropped in January, I wondered if it was just America that won't get the 12yo anymore or is it worldwide and the UK just has old stock that's not shifted yet.


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    Hmm you're one day late. I just met people responsive for distributing the bottles in Germany yesterday... I did not ask your question.
    I don't think we will see the 12 years fall in Germany in the near future. So there will always be a chance for you to get it through worldwide import/export.

    Let me give you an example Macallan has dropped the 12 year old in Germany. And yet it is still available.

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    James, I have the same fears as you have. There is the new Elijah Craig out on the market which misses the age statement. EC ist produced by Heaven Hill and in the last years some of their Bourbons lost their age statement.

    The EC12 is not htat expensive. I would suggest, that you add a case of it to your cellar for bad times to come :wink:

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster, Whisky.com
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    OMG!!! That's one of my favorites :rolleyes:

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