Taketsuru/Hakushu peaty or not?

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    Hi Guys,

    I am new to whisky and started from Japanese whisky.
    Now I want to get a touch onto Scotch whisky especially those from the Islay.
    I had tried Taketsuru 17yo and Hakushu 12yo & 18yo, I like them all.
    I had read reviews saying these are lightly peated and contain little peaty and smoky aroma, but I couldn't really tell when I tasted those whiskies.
    So how are the peat level of these comparing to Islay's and what would you suggest for me?



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    I'm sorry, but we didn't have any of the whiskies you mentioned. We only have the Taketsuru NAS. From what we got from the distributor I would estimate it to be far less peaty than an typical Islay malt. << 40ppm.

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    Taketsuru has almost no peat at all, so you should be fine with smooth Speyside or Highland malts - Be aware however that Taketsuru is a blended malt with an exceptionally good composition, which might mean you might have to search a while to find a comparable single malt that suits your taste as well.
    Hakushu ist rather lightly peated (except for some special bottlings) and should compare in peat level to Highland Park or (with slightly more peat) Talisker malts. Talisker is somewhat more "masculine", though - try some Highland Park 12 or 18 first!
    Islay malts are typically much more peated than Hakushu - just as Ben wrote.

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    Taketsuru and Hakushu are not peaty. However, there is SMOKINESS. It's not the same pungent scent of Islay peat.

    Coal fire is used in the Hakushu distillery and in the Yoichi distillery. Taketsuru contains Yoichi malt whisky. I do not think the smokiness in these whiskies is subtle. It's obviously there. But it's not peat. I have bottles of Hakushu 12 and Hakushu 18 as well a Taketsuru 12 and Taketsuru blended malt. Yes there is smokiness.

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    "bkdc" wrote:
    Taketsuru and Hakushu are not peaty. However, there is SMOKINESS. It's not the same pungent scent of Islay peat.

    Good description i think! It's not peaty like Scotch. It's a different kind of smokiness and light.
    regards.. ..and sorry for bad english
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