Bruichladdich 15 years old

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    Hi there!

    I wonder if there are any members who know the taste palette of Bruichladdich very well?
    To cut a long story short, I was given a bottle of Bruichladdich 15 yo as a gift to my
    40th birthday aniversary (2004). I enjoyed the bottle a lot, but never bought my self a second one.
    Nowdays the 15 yo is gone from the shelvs and I tried the ordinary "Laddie" for some time ago,

    but my oppinion is it was not close to as 15 yo in the taste pallette.

    Looking through various lists of whisky auctions i relize there are many diffrent releases from
    Bruichladdich and I wonder if any one can tell if there are any other products from Bruichladdich
    that are close or similar to the Bruichladdich 15 yo in the taste pallette?

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