Advice for collection over each of my sons birthdays

  • Savage21
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    Looking for advice on a good whiskey, s bourbon or scotch that I can buy a bottle each year and hand him the collection on his 21st birthday.

    i have 2 sons so a different one for each would be great.

    To catch up, I would need to find the 2015-2019 version for one son and the 2017-2019 version for the other.

    price range would be something under $200-$300 but would go a little higher for a good option.

    any help would be appreciated!

  • borodunny Member Joined: 08.11.2020Posts: 2Ratings: 0

    @Savage21 I would suggest something along the lines of the Lagavulin special release for the younger son. The 2015 release of this is starting to get pricey. The 3 more recent bottles you can get for around £100 each.

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