Looking for help - what's 'like' Dalmore?

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    Hello whiskey lovers!  I am looking for some help: my husband loves Dalmore - not really the 'special edition' ones, but the 12/15/18+ yrs - of which we already have several bottles.  I'm looking at the 21 yr old one, but it's proving very difficult to get shipped to where I live :frown:  As I myself am not a whiskey-officianado (sorry!) I am looking for some recommends as to other scotches that may have the same tasting profile as Dalmores so that I can buy him that.  Thanks in advance for the advice! 

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    @lisacspencer Thats a tough one. Is it generally just Dalmore that you're having problems with shipment or just the Dalmore 21 YO? If its just the 21 YO maybe you could look into Dalmore King Alexander III. Else, I could also recommend Glenfarclas 21 which is less painful to the wallet. 

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